The Top 5 Greensboro Strip Clubs You Need To Know About

The Piedmont Triad may not be your first choice to throw a monumental bachelor party; however you don’t have to go to Cancun to Costa Rica to have a good time. Consider the many advantages of gathering up all your buds for a weekend of partying in Greensboro instead of updating your passports. It’s the 67th most populated city in the US and the 3rd largest in North Carolina but still accessible to the beautiful rural areas the Tarheel state that open for exploration. One thing you may not know about Greensboro is that it’s loaded with strip club; more than other cities that may be 2-3 time larger. There are 9 adult entertainment establishments in the city limits; more if you expand your search for all of the Triad. You can spend your entire weekend exploring each one, but I wouldn’t recommend doing so. Instead check out our list of the 5 essential Greensboro strip clubs to explore and of course make it rain.

The Top 5 Greensboro Strip Clubs You Need To Know About
Find A Strip Club in Greensboro To Party Like A Rock Star
  1. Centerfolds – If you go by the Ultimate Strip Club List this is the best reviewed strip club in Greensboro. They are know for having a highly attractive and top notch staff. A topless only club, Centerfolds throws many different events to keep regulars attention; this month there’s a bartenders challenge.
  2. The Treasure Club – If your bachelor party is composed of gamers then The Treasure Club Greensboro is your place to party. Their game room has an Xbox and a Playstation and your can rent the room for much cheaper than the VIP room. In case you forgot the real reason you are at the club, it’s good to know that the entertainers can play the games with you as well.
  3. Cheetah Gentlemen’s Club – Gotta love a place that offers a car wash on Saturdays; who wouldn’t want watch some bikini clad cuties cleaning your hood? If you enjoy those playmate lingerie issues then you will love Lingerie Wednesday with captivating exotic dancers in and out of slinky lace adornments.
  4. South Side Johnnys -The first thing you need to know about Greensboro strip clubs is that they are all on the westside of town. So why is this place called South Side Johnnys? Who knows; however what I can tell you is that this is the only full nude establishment in Greensboro.
  5. Mirage Exotic Nightlife – The place to go if you want to combine boobs & brunch; their full menu runs the gamut from sandwiches to pizza to steak. A hand cut New York strip steak for only $13? Thats a great deal anywhere, and a steal when you factor in the fabulous view of their exotic dancers. Their yearly golf tournament would make an exceptional bachelor party activity for the Greensboro area.
Have fun at adult entertainment clubs in Greensboro
YouView of men offering money to a stripper on stage

In a southern city with more gentlemen’s clubs than the Bible Belt has any right to, Greensboro stands out with the quality and quantity of its offerings. Along with the local shake shacks there’s always the option of ordering outcall strippers to your party location. This works well if your group is wary of being out in public or are wanting something hotter and more economical. Finding some mobile stripper in Greensboro for hire and getting them to come to your party ensures your party antics will stay at your party and not be recorded by surveillance video. Of course most people don’t go that crazy – definitely not your guys! – so its always a fabulous option to hit a couple of the top clubs and then get some dancers to your location to throw a big grand finale.

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